English Word: would
Spanish Translation: (tiempo condicional)

Word Forms: 'd

Example Sentences:

I would like to go shopping.
Me gustaría ir de compras.
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I would like to go to the movies with you.
Me gustaría ir al cine contigo.
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Would you like black coffee or a latte?
¿Quieres un café solo o uno con leche?
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Miguel does not like his job, he would rather work for me.
A Miguel no le gusta su trabajo, él preferiría trabajar para mí.
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I would love to live in Australia and to have a kangaroo.
Me encantaría vivir en Australia y tener un canguro.
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I would like to go around the world by boat.
Me gustaría dar la vuelta al mundo en bote.
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Would you like a bit more? Yes, please.
¿Quieres un poco más? Sí, por favor.
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