English Word: thirty
Spanish Translation: treinta, 30

Word Forms: 30

Example Sentences:

She bought her first house when she was thirty years old.
Ella se compró su primera casa cuando tenía treinta años.
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It's thirty Euros including breakfast.
Son 30 Euros incluido el desayuno.
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Almost thirty percent of pregnant women experience lower back pain.
Casi el 30 porciento de las mujeres embarazadas sufre dolores en la zona lumbar.
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That herd has 30 goats.
Aquél rebaño tiene 30 cabras.
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We made a mistake, the train doesn't leave at 3 pm, on Saturdays it leaves at 3.30.
Cometimos un error, el tren no sale a las 3pm, los sábados sale a las 3.30.
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Surprisingly employment has risen by 30% in the whole country.
Sorprendentemente el empleo ha aumentado en un 30% en todo el país.
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He was on the run from justice for more than 30 years.
Estuvo huyendo de la justicia durante más de 30 años.
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