English Word: be
Translation: 1. 이다 2. 있다 3. 이었다 4. 있었다
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Word Forms: am, are, been, is, was, were

Example Sentences:

Where are you going?
어디 가세요?
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How old are you?
몇 살이세요?
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How are you?
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Is Internet available here?
여기 인터넷 되나요?
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This was the high point of this event.
이것이 이번 행사의 절정이었습니다.
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The car is his pride and joy.
그 자동차는 그의 자부심이자 낙입니다.
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This is a memorable day for the whole world.
오늘은 전세계가 기억할 날입니다.
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