Dutch Word: sterven
English Meaning: to die

Word Forms: gestorven, stierf, stierven

Example Sentences:

Het dier is vannacht gestorven.
The animal died last night.
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De begrafenis was één week nadat ze stierf.
The funeral was one week after she died.
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Hij stierf een natuurlijke dood.
He died of natural causes.
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Michael Jackson stierf toen hij vijftig was.
Michael Jackson died at the age of fifty.
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Bijna 3000 mensen stierven tijdens de aanvallen op 11 september.
Nearly 3000 people died during the September 11 attacks.
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Hij stierf in 1989 aan AIDS.
He died of AIDS in 1989.
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65 mijnwerkers stierven in een gasontploffing.
65 miners died in a gas explosion.
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