Dutch Word: bijna
English Meaning: 1. on the edge of 2. almost 3. nearly
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Example Sentences:

We hadden bijna geen benzine meer, en kort daarna stopte de auto.
We only had little petrol left, and shortly after that the car stopped.
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Deze diersoort is bijna uitgestorven.
This animal species is almost extinct.
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Telkens wanneer ik met een boot vaar, word ik bijna altijd zeeziek.
Whenever I ride in a boat I almost always become seasick.
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Hij was bijna verdronken.
He almost drowned.
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Varkens eten bijna alles.
Pigs eat almost anything.
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Hij verdronk bijna in de woeste zee.
He almost drowned in the rough sea.
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In 1910 stond Parijs bijna 10 dagen lang onder water.
In 1910, Paris was flooded for close to 10 days.
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