Dutch Word: heel
English Meaning: 1. very 2. whole

Word Forms: hele

Example Sentences:

Zij had heel vreemde eetgewoontes.
She had very strange eating habits.
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Dit is een heel beroemd schilderij.
This painting is very famous.
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Ze was zo boos dat ze over haar hele lijf trilde.
She was so angry that her whole body was shaking.
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In China is acupunctuur heel populair.
In China acupuncture is very popular.
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Morgen moet ze heel vroeg op.
Tomorrow she has to get up very early.
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Vanaf de top van de berg kan je de hele omgeving zien.
From the top of the mountain you can see all the surrounding area.
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Toegegeven, het hotel was niet heel goed, maar het was heel goedkoop.
Admittedly, the hotel wasn't very good, but it was very cheap.
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