Dutch Word: huilen
English Meaning: 1. to cry 2. to howl
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Word Forms: gehuild, huil, huilde, huilden, huilend, huilt

Example Sentences:

Het kind huilt.
The child is crying.
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Ze huilt iedere keer als ze over deze film praat.
She cries every time she talks about this movie.
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Waarom huil je?
Why are you crying?
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Mijn dochter kwam vandaag huilend thuis van school. "Wat is er gebeurd?" vroeg ik haar.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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De wolven huilden de hele nacht.
The wolves were howling the whole night.
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Sommige mensen moeten huilen als ze een ui snijden.
Cutting an onion makes some people cry.
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Huil alsjeblieft niet.
Please don't cry.
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