Dutch Word: gebeuren
English Meaning: to happen, to occur

Word Forms: gebeur, gebeurd, gebeurde, gebeurden, gebeurend, gebeurt

Example Sentences:

Ze gedroeg zich alsof er niets was gebeurd.
She behaved as if nothing had happened.
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Mijn dochter kwam vandaag huilend thuis van school. "Wat is er gebeurd?" vroeg ik haar.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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Wat is er gisteren precies gebeurd?
What exactly happened yesterday?
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Ik heb er recht op te weten wat er is gebeurd.
I have a right to know, what happened.
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Deze film is gebaseerd op een waar gebeurd verhaal.
This movie is based on a true story.
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Ik kan wat gebeurd is niet ongedaan maken.
I can't undo what happened.
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Ze kan zich niet herinneren wat er is gebeurd.
She can't remember what happened.
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