Dutch Word: hele
English Meaning: whole

Example Sentences:

De hele affaire is een schaamteloze poging het publiek te manipuleren.
The whole affair is a shameless attempt to manipulate the public.
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Dit is een gedenkwaardige dag voor de hele wereld.
This is a memorable day for the whole world.
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Het was de hele dag bitterkoud.
It was bitterly cold for the whole day.
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De wolven huilden de hele nacht.
The wolves were howling the whole night.
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Ik heb de hele ochtend op de levering van de nieuwe meubels gewacht.
I've been waiting for the delivery of the new furniture the whole morning.
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Ik heb de hele dag tafeltennis gespeeld.
I've been playing table tennis all day long.
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In Lanzarote schijnt de zon het hele jaar door.
On Lanzarote there is year-round sunshine.
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