Dutch Word: praten
English Meaning: to talk, to speak

Word Forms: gepraat, praat, praatte, pratende

Example Sentences:

Ze huilt iedere keer als ze over deze film praat.
She cries every time she talks about this movie.
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Ik zal met hem praten.
I will speak to him.
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We praten niet graag over politiek.
We don't like talking about politics.
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Het is onbeleefd om met je mond vol te praten.
It is impolite to speak with your mouth full.
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"Iedereen in het dorp praat over je." "Dat kan me niet schelen!", zei ze.
"In the village everyone is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Praat niet zo'n toon tegen mij, bemoeial!
Don't talk to me in that tone, you busybody!
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We moeten praten.
We need to talk.
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