Chinese Traditional: 回教
Chinese Simplified: 回教
Pinyin: hui2 jiao4
Zhuyin: ㄏㄨㄟˊ ㄐㄧㄠˋ
English Meaning: Islam, Muslim, Mohammedanism
German Meaning: Islamic faith, Muslim

Example Sentences:

hui2 jiao4 jin4 zhi3 shou1 qu3 dai4 kuan3 li4 xi2.
Islam forbids charging interest on loans.
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hui2 jiao4 tu2 mei3 tian1 dao3 gao4 wu3 ci4.
Muslims pray 5 times a day.
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ta1 qu3 le5 yi2 ge5 hui2 jiao4 nü3 ren2 zhi1 hou4 jiu4 bian4 cheng2 le5 hui2 jiao4 tu2.
He has become a Muslim after he married a Muslim woman.
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tou4 guo4 ke3 lan2 jing1, ni3 ke3 yi3 liao3 jie3 xu3 duo1 you3 guan1 hui2 jiao4 guo2 jia1 de5 feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2.
With the Quran, you can learn a great deal about the customs of Muslim countries.
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Related Words:



1. to return, to go back 2. to answer 3. Hui people (Muslim ethnic group in China) 4. number of times 5. section, chapter 6. (a measure word for acts of a play, section or chapter of a classic book)

Here: Hui people (Muslim ethnic group in China)

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1. religion 2. to make, to cause 3. to tell 4. teaching

Here: religion

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