Chinese Traditional: 願望
Chinese Simplified: 愿望
Pinyin: yuan4 wang4
Zhuyin: ㄩㄢˋ ㄨㄤˋ
English Meaning: desire, wish
Classifier: (ge5) or (xiang4)

Example Sentences:

ta1 xiao3 shi2 hou4 de5 yuan4 wang4 shi4 cheng2 wei2 tai4 kong1 ren2.
His childhood dream was to become an astronaut.
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yuan2 xiao1 jie2 shi2 you2 ke4 zai4 xuan1 zhi3 shang4 xie3 xia4 lai2 nian2 de5 yuan4 wang4.
During the Lantern Festival, tourists write down their wishes for the New Year on rice paper.
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Related Words:



1. hope, wish 2. to hope, to wish 3. willing

Here: hope, wish

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1. to gaze, to look 2. prestige 3. to hope, to expect 4. hope, expectation

Here: hope, expectation

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