Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: tong2
Zhuyin: ㄊㄨㄥˊ
English Meaning: 1. same 2. alike, similar 3. together
German Meaning: ähnlich, gleich
Spanish Meaning: semejante, mismo, igual

Example Sentences:

wo3 he2 shi3 mi4 si1 yi1 jia1 zhu4 zai4 tong2 yi1 tiao2 jie1 shang4.
I live on the same street as the Smith's.
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ta1 men5 tong2 he1 yi4 wan3 tang1.
They shared a bowl of soup together.
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wo3 men5 yi3 qian2 nian4 tong2 yi4 suo3 xue2 xiao4.
We went to the same school before.
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