Chinese Traditional: 生意
Chinese Simplified: 生意
Pinyin: sheng1 yi4
Zhuyin: ㄕㄥ ㄧˋ
English Meaning: 1. business 2. trade 3. sign of life and vitality
German Meaning: Geschäft
Spanish Meaning: el negocio, el comercio
Classifier: (men2) or (bi3)

Example Sentences:

zhe4 jia1 can1 ting1 sheng1 yi4 hen3 hao3.
Business is very good in this restaurant.
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我們的生意很好, 我們的客人很多。
我们的生意很好, 我们的客人很多。
wo3 men5 de5 sheng1 yi4 hen3 hao3, wo3 men5 de5 ke4 ren2 hen3 duo1.
Our business is very good, we have many customers.
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jin1 tian1 dian4 li3 de5 sheng1 yi4 bi3 zuo2 tian1 hao3 yi4 dian3.
Today's business in the shop is a little better than yesterday.
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ta1 you3 hen3 duo1 sheng1 yi4 dian3 zi5.
He has a lot of business ideas.
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Related Words:



1. to be born 2. to give birth 3. raw, uncooked 4. to get (angry) 5. to be alive 6. to grow, to produce 7. student, pupil 8. life, living, livelihood 9. personnel of certain professions 10. strange, unfamiliar

Here: life, living, livelihood

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1. idea, opinion 2. meaning, sense 3. wish, intent, intention 4. to expect, to anticipate 5. thought 6. to think 7. to imply 8. heart, soul, conscience

Here: meaning, sense

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