Chinese Traditional: 衣服
Chinese Simplified: 衣服
Pinyin: yi1 fu2
Zhuyin: ㄧ ㄈㄨˊ
English Meaning: clothing, clothes, apparel
German Meaning: Kleidung, Kleider
Spanish Meaning: la ropa, el atuendo, la indumentaria
Classifier: (jian4)
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an4 zhao4 zhong1 guo2 de5 chuan2 tong3, ren2 men5 can1 jia1 sang1 li3 shi2 hui4 chuan1 hei1 se4 huo4 bai2 se4 de5 yi1 fu2.
According to Chinese tradition, people wear black or white clothes when going to a funeral.
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名牌的衣服很貴, 不過通常很耐穿。
名牌的衣服很贵, 不过通常很耐穿。
ming2 pai2 de5 yi1 fu2 hen3 gui4, bu4 guo4 tong1 chang2 hen3 nai4 chuan1.
Clothes from famous brands are very expensive, but normally very durable.
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1. clothes 2. to take (medicine) 3. to serve, to obey 4. to convince

Here: clothes

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