Chinese Traditional: 悲傷
Chinese Simplified: 悲伤
Pinyin: bei1 shang1
Zhuyin: ㄅㄟ ㄕㄤ
English Meaning: 1. sad, sorrowful 2. sadness, sorrow

Example Sentences:

xu3 duo1 dong4 wu4 dou1 you3 kuai4 le4、bei1 shang1 deng3 ge4 zhong3 qing2 xu4.
Many animals have all sorts of emotions, such as happiness and sadness.
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zhe4 bei1 shang1 de5 dian4 ying3 rang4 xu3 duo1 nü3 hai2 zi5 ku1 le5.
This sad movie made many girls cry.
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xin1 li3 yi1 shi1 ren4 wei2 bei1 shang1 yi2 gong4 you3 wu3 ge5 jie1 duan4.
According to psychologists there are five stages of grief.
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Related Words:



1. sadness, sorrow, grief 2. compassion 3. to feel compassion for

Here: sadness, sorrow, grief

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1. wound, injury 2. to hurt, to injure

Here: to hurt, to injure

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