Chinese Traditional: 非洲
Chinese Simplified: 非洲
Pinyin: fei1 zhou1
Zhuyin: ㄈㄟ ㄓㄡ
English Meaning: Africa
German Meaning: Afrika
Spanish Meaning: África

Example Sentences:

wo3 shu2 fu4 xia4 ge5 yue4 hui4 qu4 fei1 zhou1 lü3 xing2.
Next month my uncle will be away on a trip to Africa.
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wo3 de5 meng4 xiang3 shi4 qu4 fei1 zhou1 kan4 ye3 sheng1 de5 da4 xiang4.
My dream is to visit Africa and see elephants in the wild.
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fei1 zhou1 shou3 ci4 de5 shi4 jie4 bei1 zai4 er4 ling2 yi1 ling2 nian2 ju3 xing2.
The first World Cup in Africa took place in 2010.
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da4 liang4 de5 dian4 zi3 fei4 qi4 wu4 bei4 fei1 fa3 qi4 zhi4 zai4 fei1 zhou1.
A lot of electronic waste is illegally disposed of in Africa.
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Related Words:



1. non-, not-, un- 2. (abbreviation for Africa) 3. to insist on 4. wrong, incorrect

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1. continent 2. islet, sand bar

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