Chinese Traditional: 先生
Chinese Simplified: 先生
Pinyin: xian1 sheng1
Pinyin Mainland: xian1 sheng5
Zhuyin: ㄒㄧㄢ ㄕㄥ
English Meaning: 1. Sir, Mr., Mister 2. husband 3. (Taiwan only) waiter
German Meaning: 1. der Herr 2. Ehemann
Spanish Meaning: el señor
Classifier: (wei4)
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Example Sentences:

各位先生, 女士。
各位先生, 女士。
ge4 wei4 xian1 sheng1, nü3 shi4.
Ladies and gentlemen ... (beginning a speech)
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na4 wei4 lao3 xian1 sheng5 liu2 zhe5 chang2 hu2 zi5.
The old man has a long beard.
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xian1 sheng1, nin2 shi4 lai2 chu1 chai1 hai2 shi4 lü3 you2?
Are you here for business or pleasure, sir?
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Related Words:



1. first, prior, in advance 2. an earlier generation 3. the late

Here: first, prior, in advance

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1. to be born, to give birth 2. raw, uncooked 3. to get (angry) 4. to be alive 5. to grow, to produce 6. student, pupil 7. life, living, livelihood 8. personnel of certain professions

Here: to be born, to give birth

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