Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: ben3
Zhuyin: ㄅㄣˇ
English Meaning: 1. root, origin, source, basis 2. (a measure word for books, albums, magazines) 3. this, the current 4. one's (the speaker's) own 5. capital, principal 6. edition, version, copy 7. originally, initially 8. here, this very
German Meaning: 1. Wurzel, Ursprung, Basis 2. (ein Zählwort für Bücher, Alben, Magazine)
Spanish Meaning: (clasificador)

Example Sentences:

zhe4 ben3 shu1 hen3 you3 qu4.
This book is very interesting.
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wo3 mai3 le5 yi4 ben3 xin1 zi4 dian3.
I have bought a new dictionary.
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zhe4 ben3 jiu4 de5 zi4 dian3 wo3 yong4 le5 shi2 wu3 nian2.
I have been using this old dictionary for 15 years.
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zhe4 ben3 shou3 ce4 hen3 you3 yong4.
This brochure is very useful.
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那本小說很精彩, 他一口氣看完。
那本小说很精彩, 他一口气看完。
na4 ben3 xiao3 shuo1 hen3 jing1 cai3, ta1 yi4 kou3 qi4 kan4 wan2.
That novel was brilliant, he finished reading it in one go.
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wo3 de5 peng2 you3 song4 wo3 yi1 ben3 bu2 cuo4 de5 shi2 pu3.
My friend gave me a good cookbook as a gift.
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zhe4 ben3 shu1 wo3 zhi3 kan4 le5 yi2 ban4.
I have only read half of this book.
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