Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: yang3
Zhuyin: ㄧㄤˇ
English Meaning: 1. to raise, to bring up 2. to provide for, to keep (pets, animals) 3. to recuperate, to rest, to convalesce 4. to maintain 5. to cultivate, to form 6. to let one's hair grow 7. to support, to help 8. foster, adoptive 9. accomplishment, cultivation

Example Sentences:

wo3 men5 ceng2 jing1 yang3 guo4 yi1 zhi1 bai2 se4 de5 bo1 si1 mao1.
We have kept a white Persian cat before.
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wo3 men5 ba3 yi1 zhi1 san1 zhou1 da4 de5 gao1 yang2 yang3 zai4 jia1 li3 dang1 chong3 wu4.
We keep a three-week-old lamb as a pet at home.
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