Chinese Traditional: 導致
Chinese Simplified: 导致
Pinyin: dao3 zhi4
Zhuyin: ㄉㄠˇ ㄓˋ
English Meaning: to lead to, to bring about, to cause

Example Sentences:

shi2 wu4 zhong4 du2 hui4 dao3 zhi4 ou3 tu4.
Food poisoning can lead to vomiting.
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tang2 niao4 bing4 ke3 neng2 dao3 zhi4 shen4 shuai1 jie2.
Diabetes can lead to kidney failure.
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chi1 tai4 duo1 tian2 shi2 dao3 zhi4 ni3 de5 ya2 tong4.
Eating too many sweets accounts for your toothache.
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yan2 jiu4 xian3 shi4, bu4 gui1 lü4 de5 shui4 mian2 mo2 shi4 hui4 dao3 zhi4 ai2 zheng4.
Irregular sleeping patterns lead to cancer, a study suggests.
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shou4 hai4 zhe3 jie1 shou4 gai1 qi3 jiao1 tong1 yi4 wai4 shi4 yin1 ta1 ge4 ren2 shu1 shi1 er2 dao3 zhi4.
The victim accepted the traffic accident happened due to carelessness on his part.
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Related Words:



1. to lead, to guide, to direct 2. to transmit

Here: to lead, to guide, to conduct, to direct

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1. to cause, to bring about 2. to send, to deliver, to give 3. to devote 4. manner that engages attention, style that arouses interest

Here: to cause

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