Chinese Traditional: 一定
Chinese Simplified: 一定
Pinyin: yi2 ding4
Zhuyin: ㄧˊ ㄉㄧㄥˋ
English Meaning: certainly, necessarily, must
German Meaning: sicherlich, zweifellos
Spanish Meaning: cierto, necesario

Example Sentences:

她在打噴嚏, 一定是感冒了。
她在打喷嚏, 一定是感冒了。
ta1 zai4 da3 pen1 ti4, yi2 ding4 shi4 gan3 mao4 le5.
She is sneezing, it must be the flu.
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ni3 yi2 ding4 shi4 zai4 kai1 wan2 xiao4!
You must be kidding!
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ta1 mei3 tian1 zao3 shang4 yi2 ding4 yao4 kan4 bao4 zhi3.
He must read the newspaper every morning.
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wo3 xiang1 xin4 ta1 yi2 ding4 neng2 tong1 guo4 kao3 shi4.
I believe that he will pass the test.
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ta1 chu1 men2 qian2 yi2 ding4 hua4 zhuang1.
She always puts on her make-up before going out.
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wo3 zuo4 le5 cheng2 nuo4 jiu4 yi2 ding4 hui4 zun1 shou3.
If I make a promise, I keep it.
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yun4 chao1 che1 de5 si1 ji1 yi2 ding4 shi4 zhuan3 cuo4 le5 fang1 xiang4.
The driver of the security van must have taken a wrong turn.
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Related Words:


1. one, 1 (2nd tone, used in Taiwan) 2. as soon as 3. single 4. whole, entire, all, throughout 5. (indicating that the action has occurred only once or the intention to try) 6. for the first time, at the beginning

Here: (indicating that the action has occurred only once or the intention to try)

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1. to set, to fix 2. to determine, to decide 3. stable, calm 4. certainly

Here: certainly

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