Chinese Traditional: 資格
Chinese Simplified: 资格
Pinyin: zi1 ge2
Zhuyin: ㄗ ㄍㄜˊ
English Meaning: qualifications
German Meaning: Qualifikation
Classifier: (xiang4)
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Example Sentences:

ni3 you3 na3 xie1 zheng4 zhao4 zi1 ge2?
What certificates and qualifications have you got?
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zhi3 you3 ying1 guo2 hu4 zhao4 chi2 you3 zhe3 cai2 you3 zi1 ge2 shen1 qing3.
Only British passport holders are eligible to apply.
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Related Words:


1. resources, capital, money 2. to supply, to support, to provide 3. aptitude 4. qualification

Here: to supply, to support

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1. section, partition 2. square, check, grid 3. grammatical case, case 4. style, character, standard, pattern 5. to obstruct, to hinder

Here: style, character, standard, pattern

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