Chinese Traditional: 不安
Chinese Simplified: 不安
Pinyin: bu4 an1
Zhuyin: ㄅㄨˋ ㄢ
English Meaning: uneasy, restless, worried
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Example Sentences:

ni3 hui4 liang2 xin1 bu4 an1 ma5?
Do you have a guilty conscience?
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wo3 jue2 de5 you3 dian3 jin3 zhang1 bu4 an1.
I'm feeling a bit jittery.
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Related Words:


not, no (4th tone)

Here: not

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1. security, safety, peace 2. to install, to fit 3. to be calm, to be at ease 4. to calm, to pacify 5. quiet, safe, secure 6. Anne (female name) 7. An (Chinese surname)

Here: to be calm, to be at ease

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