Chinese Traditional: 空氣
Chinese Simplified: 空气
Pinyin: kong1 qi4
Zhuyin: ㄎㄨㄥ ㄑㄧˋ
English Meaning: air
German Meaning: Luft

Example Sentences:

xiang1 xia4 de5 kong1 qi4 hen3 xin1 xian1.
The air in the countryside is very fresh.
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xi3 ma3 la1 ya3 shan1 de5 kong1 qi4 fei1 chang2 xi1 bo2.
The air in the Himalayas is very thin.
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zhe4 xiang4 chuang4 ju3 shi4 shi4 zhang3 jing4 hua4 shou3 du1 kong1 qi4 ji4 hua4 de5 yi1 bu4 fen4.
This initiative is part of the mayor's plans to clean up the air in the capital.
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Related Words:



1. empty, hollow 2. sky, air 3. in vain

Here: sky, air

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1. gas, air, atmosphere 2. to be angry 3. vital breath, qi 4. the mental status 5. anger 6. smell, odour 7. breath 8. quality, character, spirit, mettle

Here: gas, air, atmosphere

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