Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: xing2
Zhuyin: ㄒㄧㄥˊ
English Meaning: 1. to walk, to go 2. capable, competent 3. OK, all right 4. trip, travel 5. to do, to carry out 6. conduct, behavior 7. in circulation
German Meaning: gehen

Example Sentences:

san1 ren2 xing2 bi4 you3 wo3 shi1.
If three people are walking together, one of them must be good enough to be my teacher. (Confucius)
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ta1 ming2 tian1 jiu4 hui4 jie2 shu4 ya4 zhou1 zhi1 xing2 fan3 jia1 le5.
He comes home from his trip to Asia tomorrow.
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