Chinese Traditional: 上傳
Chinese Simplified: 上传
Pinyin: shang4 chuan2
Zhuyin: ㄕㄤˋ ㄔㄨㄢˊ
English Meaning: to upload

Example Sentences:

wo3 yao4 ba3 zhe4 yi2 duan4 hao3 xiao4 de5 ying3 pian4 shang4 chuan2 dao4YouTube.
I want to upload this funny video to YouTube.
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Related Words:



1. on top of, above, on, up 2. previous 3. to go up, to go to 4. according to 5. to attend (class, school) 6. superior, better 7. to install 8. to apply 9. to forge ahead 10. to fall, to get onto

Here: to go up, to go to

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1. to pass on, to transfer 2. to spread, to transmit, to circulate 3. to infect 4. to summon 5. to conduct (electricity) 6. to teach, to impart 7. to hand down, to pass down 8. to abdicate, to resign sovereign authority 9. to convey, to express

Here: to pass on, to transfer

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