Chinese Traditional: 因為
Chinese Simplified: 因为
Pinyin: yin1 wei4
Zhuyin: ㄧㄣ ㄨㄟˋ
English Meaning: because, due to
German Meaning: weil
Spanish Meaning: porque

Example Sentences:

我要買一輛摩托車, 因為很方便。
我要买一辆摩托车, 因为很方便。
wo3 yao4 mai3 yi2 liang4 mo2 tuo1 che1, yin1 wei4 hen3 fang1 bian4.
I want to buy a scooter, because it is very convenient.
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我不要吃這根香蕉, 因為還沒有熟。
我不要吃这根香蕉, 因为还没有熟。
wo3 bu2 yao4 chi1 zhe4 gen1 xiang1 jiao1, yin1 wei4 hai2 mei2 you3 shou2.
I don't want to eat this banana because it is not ripe yet.
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因為列車故障, 所有旅客被迫下車。
因为列车故障, 所有旅客被迫下车。
yin1 wei4 lie4 che1 gu4 zhang4, suo3 you3 lü3 ke4 bei4 po4 xia4 che1.
Due to a train malfunction, all passengers were forced to get off.
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yin1 wei4 hei1 ban3 tai4 yuan3 le5 xue2 sheng1 men5 kan4 bu4 qing1 chu3.
Because the blackboard is too far, students cannot see clearly.
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因為缺貨, 廚師們用馬肉代替鮪魚做壽司。
因为缺货, 厨师们用马肉代替鲔鱼做寿司。
yin1 wei4 que1 huo4, chu2 shi1 men5 yong4 ma3 rou4 dai4 ti4 wei3 yu2 zuo4 shou4 si1.
Due to the short supply of tuna, chefs use horse meat to replace it when making sushi.
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因為空氣污染, 在現代很多人得氣喘病。
因为空气污染, 在现代很多人得气喘病。
yin1 wei4 kong1 qi4 wu1 ran3, zai4 xian4 dai4 hen3 duo1 ren2 de5 qi4 chuan3 bing4.
Because of air pollution, a lot of people have asthma nowadays.
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因為天氣實在太熱, 學校提早放暑假。
因为天气实在太热, 学校提早放暑假。
yin1 wei4 tian1 qi4 shi2 zai4 tai4 re4, xue2 xiao4 ti2 zao3 fang4 shu3 jia4.
Schools started summer vacation early because the weather was really too hot.
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Related Words:



1. cause, reason 2. because, due to 3. factor 4. depending on, according to, based on, contingent upon

Here: because, due to

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1. because of 2. in order to 3. for

Here: because of

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