Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: hui2
Zhuyin: ㄏㄨㄟˊ
English Meaning: 1. to return, to go back 2. to answer 3. Hui people (Muslim ethnic group in China) 4. number of times 5. section, chapter 6. (a measure word for acts of a play, section or chapter of a classic book)
German Meaning: zurückkehren

Example Sentences:

qing3 hui2 ge5 dian4 hua4 gei3 wo3 que4 ren4 you3 shou1 dao4 wo3 de5 chuan2 zhen1.
Please call me back and confirm that you have received my fax.
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qing3 yuan2 liang4 wo3 zuo2 tian1 mei2 you3 hui2 ni3 dian4 hua4.
Please forgive me for not calling you back yesterday.
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wo3 de5 tang2 jie3 zai4 niu3 xi1 lan2 xue2 le5 ban4 nian2 de5 ying1 yu3, hou4 lai2 jiu4 hui2 ao4 men2 qu4 le5.
My cousin studied English for half a year in New Zealand and afterwards returned to Macao.
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mei2 wen4 ti2, wo3 wan3 dian3 hui4 hui2 ni3 dian4 hua4.
No problem. I will call you back later.
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ta1 bu2 hui4 zai4 hui2 e4 guo2 le5 ma5?
Has she left Russia for good?
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wo3 men5 yao4 ban1 hui2 niu3 yue1.
We are moving back to New York.
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