Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: zhong1
Zhuyin: ㄓㄨㄥ
English Meaning: 1. in, within 2. centre 3. central 4. middle 5. (short for China) 6. (short for Chinese) 7. in the course of, during, -ing 8. (short for high school)
German Meaning: in, in der Mitte, innerhalb

Example Sentences:

dai4 an1 na4 wang2 fei1 zai4 yi1 jiu3 jiu3 qi1 nian2 ba1 yue4 san1 shi2 yi1 ri4 yi1 chang3 che1 huo4 zhong1 sang4 sheng1.
Princess Diana died in a car accident on the 31st of August, 1997.
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chuan2 shuo1 zhong1 de5 xi1 xie3 gui3 hai4 pa4 da4 suan4 he2 shi2 zi4 jia4.
Legend has it that vampires are afraid of garlic and crucifixes.
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zai4 ying1 guo2 tong1 chang2 jiu3 yue4 zhong1 zuo3 you4 jiu4 kai1 shi3 bian4 leng3.
In Britain, it usually starts to get chilly around the middle of September.
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ya3 se4 wang2 shi4 chuan2 shuo1 zhong1 de5 ying1 guo2 guo2 wang2.
King Arthur is a legendary British king.
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dian4 zai4 xian4 dai4 ren2 sheng1 huo2 zhong1 bu4 ke3 huo4 que1.
Electricity is essential to modern life.
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zhao4 pian4 zhong1 you4 bian1 de5 nan2 zi3 jiu4 shi4 wo3 shu2 shu5.
The man on the right side of this photo is my uncle.
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tai2 wan1 min2 jian1 chuan2 shuo1 zhong1 you3 xu3 duo1 bu4 tong2 de5 shen2 qi2.
There are many different gods in Taiwanese folklore.
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