Chinese Traditional: 哪種
Chinese Simplified: 哪种
Pinyin: na3 zhong3
Zhuyin: ㄋㄚˇ ㄓㄨㄥˇ
English Meaning: which type, what method, which kind (question)
German Meaning: welcher Typ, welche Methode, welche Art (Frage)

Example Sentences:

nin2 yao4 yong4 na3 zhong3 fang1 shi4 fu4 kuan3?
How would you like to pay?
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ni3 xi3 huan1 kai1 na3 zhong3 yang4 shi4 de5 che1?
What type of car would you prefer to drive?
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ni3 xiang3 yao4 kan4 na3 zhong3 dian4 ying3?
What kind of movie would you like to watch?
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Related Words:


1. which 2. how 3. where (question)

Here: which

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1. kind, type 2. race, species 3. seed 4. (a measure word for types, kinds, sorts)

Here: kind, type

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