Chinese Traditional: 樂團
Chinese Simplified: 乐团
Pinyin: yue4 tuan2
Zhuyin: ㄩㄝˋ ㄊㄨㄢˊ
English Meaning: music band, musical group
German Meaning: Musikgruppe, Band
Spanish Meaning: grupo musical
Classifier: (ge5)
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那是個新的樂團, 票是免費的。
那是个新的乐团, 票是免费的。
na4 shi4 ge5 xin1 de5 yue4 tuan2, piao4 shi4 mian3 fei4 de5.
That is a new band and the tickets are free.
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zhe4 ge5 yue4 tuan2 de5 zui4 xin1 zhuan1 ji2 yi4 fa1 xing2 ji2 da4 shou4 huan1 ying2.
This band's latest album was an instant hit.
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ta1 zai4 yi2 ge5 yao2 gun3 yue4 tuan2 li3 dang1 zhu3 chang4.
He is the lead singer in a Rock 'n' Roll band.
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ta1 shi4 yi2 ge5 yue4 tuan2 de5 cheng2 yuan2.
He is a member of a music band.
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zhe4 ge5 yue4 tuan2 de5 cheng2 yuan2 lai2 zi4 wan2 quan2 bu4 tong2 de5 bei4 jing3.
The members of this band come from completely different backgrounds.
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「tian1 xie1 he2 chang4 tuan2」shi4 de2 guo2 zui4 cheng2 gong1 de5 yao2 gun3 yue4 tuan2.
"The Scorpions" are Germany's most successful rock band.
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pi1 tou2 si4 wu2 yi2 shi4 er4 shi2 shi4 ji4 zui4 ju4 ying3 xiang3 li4 de5 yue4 tuan2.
The Beatles were undoubtedly the most influential band of the twentieth century.
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1. group, regiment, troupe 2. a round mass, something round or ball-shaped 3. (a measure word for substances in round shape or mass)

Here: group

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