Chinese Traditional: 房客
Chinese Simplified: 房客
Pinyin: fang2 ke4
Zhuyin: ㄈㄤˊ ㄎㄜˋ
English Meaning: tenant, lodger
German Meaning: Mieter, Hausbewohner
Classifier: (wei4) or (ge5) or (ming2)

Example Sentences:

zhu4 zai4 ge2 bi4 de5 na4 ge5 fang2 ke4 yi4 zhi2 da3 hu1.
The tenant living next door keeps snoring.
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wo3 men5 de5 fang2 dong1 zheng4 zai4 zhao3 xin1 fang2 ke4.
Our landlord is looking for new tenants.
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Related Words:



1. house 2. room 3. (a measure word for family members or concubines)

Here: house, room

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1. visitor, guest 2. customer 3. a person in a special pursuit 4. (a measure word for steak meals)

Here: visitor, guest, customer

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