Chinese Traditional: 台灣
Chinese Simplified: 台湾
Pinyin: tai2 wan1
Zhuyin: ㄊㄞˊ ㄨㄢ
English Meaning: Taiwan
German Meaning: Taiwan
Spanish Meaning: Taiwán

Example Sentences:

wo3 shang4 ge5 xing1 qi2 zai4 tai2 wan1.
I was in Taiwan last week.
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tai2 wan1 de5 dan1 qin1 jia1 ting2 kuai4 su4 zeng1 jia1.
The number of single parent families in Taiwan is rapidly increasing.
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tai2 wan1 de5 ji4 cheng2 che1 dou1 shi4 huang2 se4 de5.
The taxis in Taiwan are all yellow in colour.
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ni3 zai4 tai2 wan1 dao4 chu4 dou1 mai3 de5 dao4 zhen1 zhu1 nai3 cha2.
You can buy bubble tea everywhere in Taiwan.
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si4 yue4 si4 ri4 zai4 tai2 wan1 shi4 er2 tong2 jie2.
The 4th of April is Children's Day in Taiwan.
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ba1 yue4 ba1 ri4 shi4 tai2 wan1 de5 fu4 qin1 jie2.
The 8th of August is Father's Day in Taiwan.
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外國人到台灣, 最愛逛夜市。
外国人到台湾, 最爱逛夜市。
wai4 guo2 ren2 dao4 tai2 wan1, zui4 ai4 guang4 ye4 shi4.
The thing foreigners love the most, when they come to Taiwan, is visiting night markets.
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Related Words:



1. platform, stage 2. (a measure word for electronic products, cars) 3. (short for Taiwan or Taiwanese) 4. channel (TV), station 5. tower, lookout 6. support, stand, base 7. (suffix conveying respect for the addressee) 8. Tai (Chinese surname)

Here: Taiwan (abbreviation)

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bay, gulf

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