Chinese Traditional: 關於
Chinese Simplified: 关于
Pinyin: guan1 yu2
Zhuyin: ㄍㄨㄢ ㄩˊ
English Meaning: about, regarding, concerning
German Meaning: über, betreffend
Spanish Meaning: sobre, respecto a esto

Example Sentences:

wo3 xiang3 kan4 de5 na4 bu4 dian4 ying3 shi4 guan1 yu2 di4 er4 ci4 shi4 jie4 da4 zhan4 de5.
The movie I want to watch is about the second world war.
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zuo2 wan3 wo3 zuo4 le5 yi1 ge5 guan1 yu2 lang2 ren2 de5 e4 meng4.
Last night I had a nightmare about werewolves.
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wo3 kan4 guo4 na4 bu4 guan1 yu2 wai4 tai4 kong1 sheng1 wu4 de5 ke1 huan4 pian4.
I've seen that science fiction film about creatures from outer space.
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zhe4 bu4 dian4 ying3 shi4 guan1 yu2 fei1 fa3 mo4 xi1 ge1 yi2 min2 shou4 dao4 bo1 xue4 de5 gu4 shi4.
This film is about the exploitation of illegal immigrants from Mexico.
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ni3 you3 guan1 yu2 zai4 ri4 ben3 gong1 zuo4 de5 zi1 xun4 ma5?
Do you have information about working in Japan?
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Related Words:



1. to close (e.g. door, window) 2. to switch off 3. to care, to care about 4. to affect, to concern 5. mountain pass, pass, barrier 6. customhouse, customs 7. level (game) 8. Guan (Chinese surname)

Here: to affect, to concern

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1. at, in 2. by 3. than 4. from, out of 5. to, unto 6. (used after a verb or adjective) with regard to

Here: (used after a verb or adjective) with regard to

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