Chinese Traditional: 電影院
Chinese Simplified: 电影院
Pinyin: dian4 ying3 yuan4
Zhuyin: ㄉㄧㄢˋ ㄧㄥˇ ㄩㄢˋ
English Meaning: cinema
German Meaning: Kino
Spanish Meaning: el cine
Classifier: (jian1) or (jia1)

Example Sentences:

ni3 zhe4 ge5 xing1 qi2 wu3 yao4 bu2 yao4 qu4 dian4 ying3 yuan4 kan4 chang3 dian4 ying3.
Do you want to go to the cinema and watch a movie this Friday?
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dian4 ying3 yuan4 qian2 hen3 duo1 ren2 pai2 dui4 mai3 piao4.
Many people are queuing in front of the cinema to buy tickets.
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Related Words:

電影   电影

diàn yǐng

movie, film

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1. courtyard 2. institution, public office

Here: institution, public office

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