Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: tai4
Zhuyin: ㄊㄞˋ
English Meaning: 1. too (much) 2. very, extremely 3. quite 4. two generations senior 5. highest
German Meaning: zuviel, sehr, extrem

Example Sentences:

bu4 shao3 xiao1 fei4 zhe3 ren4 wei2 xin1 de5 jia4 ge2 gao1 de5 tai4 li2 pu3.
Many consumers think that the new price is ridiculously high.
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yin1 wei4 hei1 ban3 tai4 yuan3 le5 xue2 sheng1 men5 kan4 bu4 qing1 chu3.
Because the blackboard is too far, students cannot see clearly.
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外公年紀太大了, 不適合做這種工作。
外公年纪太大了, 不适合做这种工作。
wai4 gong1 nian2 ji4 tai4 da4 le5, bu2 shi4 he2 zuo4 zhe4 zhong3 gong1 zuo4.
Grandpa is too old and not fit to do this job.
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因為天氣實在太熱, 學校提早放暑假。
因为天气实在太热, 学校提早放暑假。
yin1 wei4 tian1 qi4 shi2 zai4 tai4 re4, xue2 xiao4 ti2 zao3 fang4 shu3 jia4.
Schools started summer vacation early because the weather was really too hot.
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zhe4 fen4 he2 yue1 de5 tiao2 kuan3 tai4 huang1 miu4 le5!
The terms of this contract are absolutely ridiculous!
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wo3 xiang3 ta1 hai2 tai4 nian2 qing1, bu2 shi4 he2 jie2 hun1.
I think she is still too young for marriage.
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zhe4 ge5 dang3 an4 tai4 da4, bu4 neng2 fu4 zai4 dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 li3 ji4 chu1.
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