Chinese Traditional: 年紀
Chinese Simplified: 年纪
Pinyin: nian2 ji4
Zhuyin: ㄋㄧㄢˊ ㄐㄧˋ
English Meaning: a person's age
Classifier: (ba3) or (ge5)

Example Sentences:

外公年紀太大了, 不適合做這種工作。
外公年纪太大了, 不适合做这种工作。
wai4 gong1 nian2 ji4 tai4 da4 le5, bu2 shi4 he2 zuo4 zhe4 zhong3 gong1 zuo4.
Grandpa is too old and not fit to do this job.
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nian2 ji4 qing1 qing1 que4 zhe4 me5 bei1 guan1, rang4 ren2 fei1 chang2 nan2 guo4.
There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist.
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wo3 de5 nian2 ji4 bi3 ni3 da4.
I'm older than you.
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wo3 zai4 ni3 zhe4 ge5 nian2 ji4 de5 shi2 hou4 hen3 ai4 wan2 zhe4 ge5 you2 xi4!
I used to love playing this game when I was your age!
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mang2 chang2 yan2 tong1 chang2 bu2 hui4 fa1 sheng1 zai4 wo3 zhe4 ge5 nian2 ji4.
Appendicitis usually doesn't happen at my age.
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Related Words:



1. year 2. age, a person's age 3. Nian (Chinese surname)

Here: age, a person's age

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1. discipline 2. age, era, period 3. record

Here: age, era, period

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