Chinese Traditional: 消息
Chinese Simplified: 消息
Pinyin: xiao1 xi2
Pinyin Mainland: xiao1 xi5
Zhuyin: ㄒㄧㄠ ㄒㄧˊ
English Meaning: information, news
Classifier: (ge5) or (ze2)

Example Sentences:

zhe4 dui4 fu1 fu4 hen3 jiu3 mei2 you3 ta1 men5 nü3 er2 de5 xiao1 xi2 le5.
This couple hasn't had news from their daughter for a long time.
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hen3 yi2 han4 ting1 dao4 zhe4 ge5 xiao1 xi2.
I'm sorry to hear that.
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huan4 zhe3 de5 fu4 qin1 ting1 dao4 zhe4 xiao1 xi2 shi2 bu4 jin1 beng1 kui4 tong4 ku1 qi3 lai2.
The patient's father broke down in tears when he heard the news.
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Related Words:



1. to consume 2. to disappear, to vanish 3. to eliminate 4. to have to, to need to 5. to while away 6. news

Here: news

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Mainland Pronunciation:

1. breath 2. to rest 3. news 4. interest (on an investment or loan)

Here: news

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