Chinese Traditional: 意外
Chinese Simplified: 意外
Pinyin: yi4 wai4
Zhuyin: ㄧˋ ㄨㄞˋ
English Meaning: 1. unexpected and surprised 2. unexpected incident, accident
Classifier: (chang3) or (ci4) or (ge5)

Example Sentences:

ta1 zai4 yi4 wai4 fa1 sheng1 de5 san1 ge5 xiao3 shi2 hou4 hui1 fu4 yi4 shi4.
He regained consciousness three hours after the accident.
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zhe4 ci4 de5 yi4 wai4 you3 si4 shi2 liu4 ming2 chuan2 yuan2 sang4 sheng1.
Forty-six sailors died in the incident.
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ta1 si3 yu2 yi4 wai4 yong4 yao4 guo4 liang4.
He died of an accidental overdose of drugs.
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gu3 jia4 biao1 zhang3 ling4 jing1 ji4 xue2 jia1 gan3 dao4 yi4 wai4.
The sudden rise in share prices has surprised economists.
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她突然辭職, 讓人感到意外。
她突然辞职, 让人感到意外。
ta1 tu2 ran2 ci2 zhi2, rang4 ren2 gan3 dao4 yi4 wai4.
Her resignation came out of the blue.
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Related Words:


1. idea, opinion 2. meaning 3. wish, intent, intention 4. to expect, to expect, to anticipate 5. thought 6. to think 7. to imply

Here: idea, meaning

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1. outside, external 2. foreign 3. in addition 4. relatives of one's mother, sister or daughter

Here: outside, foreign, external

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