Chinese Traditional: 經濟
Chinese Simplified: 经济
Pinyin: jing1 ji4
Zhuyin: ㄐㄧㄥ ㄐㄧˋ
English Meaning: 1. economy 2. economic
German Meaning: Ökonomie, Wirtschaft

Example Sentences:

zui4 jin4 you2 jia4 yi3 cheng2 wei2 min2 zhong4 zui4 dan1 you1 de5 jing1 ji4 wen4 ti2.
Recently, price of petrol has become the biggest economic concern for the public.
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ta1 ti2 gong1 jing1 ji4 yuan2 zhu4 de5 ti2 yi4 bei4 ju4 jue2 le5.
His offer to help financially was turned down.
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xin1 ba1 wei1 de5 jing1 ji4 zai4 mu4 jia1 bei4 zong3 tong3 de5 ren4 nei4 beng1 kui4.
The Zimbabwean economy collapsed under the presidency of Mugabe.
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bu2 duan4 shang4 zhang3 de5 you2 jia4 jiang1 hui4 dui4 jing1 ji4 dai4 lai2 yan2 zhong4 de5 hou4 guo3.
The rising price of oil will have dire consequences on the economy.
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Related Words:



1. to pass through 2. to undergo, to experience 3. scripture, sacred book, sutra 4. to engage in, to manage 5. longitude 6. menstruation 7. (abbr. for economics)

Here: to engage in, to manage

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1. to aid, to help, to benefit 2. benefits

Here: benefits

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