Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: shang4
Zhuyin: ㄕㄤˋ
English Meaning: 1. on top of, above, on, up 2. previous 3. to go up, to go to 4. according to 5. to attend (class, school) 6. superior, better 7. to install 8. to apply 9. to forge ahead 10. to fall, to get onto
German Meaning: 1. oben, hinauf 2. vorhergehender, vorheriger

Example Sentences:

ni3 jin1 tian1 you3 qu4 shang4 ying1 wen2 ke4 ma5?
Did you go to your English class today?
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wei4 shen2 me5 na4 jia1 huo5 zai4 huo3 che1 shang4 chang4 ge1.
Why was that guy singing in the train?
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ta1 zuo3 shou3 bi4 shang4 you3 yi1 ge5 ci4 qing1.
He has a tattoo on his left arm.
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jing1 yu2 shi4 mu4 qian2 wei2 zhi3 di4 qiu2 shang4 fa1 xian4 zui4 da4 de5 sheng1 wu4.
The whale is the largest living creature found on earth so far.
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zhang4 dan1 shang4 de5 zong3 jin1 e2 bao1 kuo4 wu2 xian4 li3 cheng2 yi3 ji2 bao3 xian3.
The total amount on the bill includes unlimited mileage and insurance.
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nin2 bi4 xu1 xian1 shang4 yi2 ge5 duan3 qi2 ke4 cheng2.
You must take a short course first.
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zhe4 jie4 zhi3 shang4 ke1 zhe5 wo3 de5 sheng1 ri4.
The ring is engraved with my date of birth.
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