Chinese Traditional: 支持
Chinese Simplified: 支持
Pinyin: zhi1 chi2
Zhuyin: ㄓ ㄔˊ
English Meaning: to support, to back
German Meaning: unterstützen

Example Sentences:

bu4 guan3 ni3 zuo4 shen2 me5, wo3 dou1 zhi1 chi2 ni3.
Whatever you do, I will support you.
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shi4 zhang3 zhi1 chi2 gong1 tou2 de5 zhu3 yi4.
The mayor backed the idea of a referendum.
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ta1 de5 tong2 fu4 yi4 mu3 ge1 ge5 zui4 jin4 zhuan3 xiang4 zhi1 chi2 gong4 he2 dang3.
His half-brother recently switched allegiance to the Republican Party.
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Related Words:



1. (a measure word for rods, pens, guns, microphones, songs, groups) 2. to draw money 3. a branch 4. to support, to sustain

Here: to support, to sustain

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1. to grasp, to hold 2. to support 3. to manage, to run, to control 4. to maintain, to persevere

Here: to grasp, to hold, to support

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