Chinese Traditional: 謝謝
Chinese Simplified: 谢谢
Pinyin: xie4 xie5
Zhuyin: ㄒㄧㄝˋ ㄒㄧㄝ˙
English Meaning: Thanks!, Thank you!
German Meaning: danke
Spanish Meaning: gracias

Example Sentences:

xie4 xie5 ni3 de5 bang1 mang2.
Thank you for your help.
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謝謝, 我等一下再喝。
谢谢, 我等一下再喝。
xie4 xie5, wo3 deng3 yi2 xia4 zai4 he1.
Thanks, I will drink it later.
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謝謝, 你真細心。
谢谢, 你真细心。
xie4 xie5, ni3 zhen1 xi4 xin1.
Thanks, you are very considerate.
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請載我去機場, 謝謝。
请载我去机场, 谢谢。
qing3 zai4 wo3 qu4 ji1 chang3, xie4 xie5.
Please take me (by taxi) to the airport, thanks.
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請幫我翻譯這個段落, 謝謝。
请帮我翻译这个段落, 谢谢。
qing3 bang1 wo3 fan1 yi4 zhe4 ge5 duan4 luo4, xie4 xie5.
Please help me translate this paragraph, thanks.
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我很好, 謝謝您的關心。
我很好, 谢谢您的关心。
wo3 hen3 hao3, xie4 xie5 nin2 de5 guan1 xin1.
I'm fine, thanks for your concern.
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xie4 xie5 nin2 de5 lai2 dian4.
Thanks for calling. (telephone call)
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Related Words:



1. to thank 2. to wither 3. Xie (Chinese surname) 4. to decline

Here: to thank

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