Chinese Traditional: 沒有
Chinese Simplified: 没有
Pinyin: mei2 you3
Zhuyin: ㄇㄟˊ ㄧㄡˇ
English Meaning: 1. haven't, hasn't, didn't, non 2. without 3. to not have 4. to not be
German Meaning: nicht haben, hat nicht
Spanish Meaning: no haber

Example Sentences:

wo3 xi1 wang4 ta1 mei2 you3 chi2 dao4.
I hope he wasn't/isn't late.
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ru2 guo3 mei2 you3 zhe4 me5 duo1 le4 se4 xin4 jian4 jiu4 geng4 wan2 mei3 le5.
It would be perfect if there wasn't so much spam every day.
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wo3 dui4 zheng4 zhi4 mei2 you3 xing4 qu4.
I'm not interested in politics.
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這個孩子常講髒話, 很沒有家教。
这个孩子常讲脏话, 很没有家教。
zhe4 ge5 hai2 zi5 chang2 jiang3 zang1 hua4, hen3 mei2 you3 jia1 jiao4.
This child often uses obscene language, he does not have a good family education.
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zhe4 dui4 fu1 fu4 hen3 jiu3 mei2 you3 ta1 men5 nü3 er2 de5 xiao1 xi2 le5.
This couple hasn't had news from their daughter for a long time.
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zhe4 fu4 jin4 mei2 you3 jiao4 tang2.
There is no church in the vicinity.
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tian1 xia4 mei2 you3 bai2 chi1 de5 wu3 can1.
There is no free lunch in the world.
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Related Words:



1. have not 2. not (negative prefix for verbs)

Here: not (negative prefix for verbs)

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1. to have 2. to own 3. there is, there are 4. to be, to exist

Here: to have, to own

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