Chinese Traditional: 所有
Chinese Simplified: 所有
Pinyin: suo3 you3
Zhuyin: ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄧㄡˇ
English Meaning: all
German Meaning: alle

Example Sentences:

因為列車故障, 所有旅客被迫下車。
因为列车故障, 所有旅客被迫下车。
yin1 wei4 lie4 che1 gu4 zhang4, suo3 you3 lü3 ke4 bei4 po4 xia4 che1.
Due to a train malfunction, all passengers were forced to get off.
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cong2 liu4 dian3 yi3 hou4 suo3 you3 de5 wei4 zi5 dou1 ding4 man3 le5.
All the tables are fully booked from 6 o'clock onwards.
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suo3 you3 ni3 xu1 yao4 de5 wen2 ju4 dou1 zai4 zhe4 ge5 chou1 ti4 li3.
All the stationery (writing implements) you need are in this drawer.
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bie2 dan1 xin1, wo3 men5 ti2 gong1 suo3 you3 chan3 pin3 yi4 nian2 de5 pin3 zhi2 bao3 zheng4.
Don't worry, we offer one year quality guarantee for all of our products.
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suo3 you3 de5 zha4 dan4 zai4 tong2 yi4 shi2 jian1 yin3 bao4.
All the bombs detonated at the same time.
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ta1 dui4 suo3 you3 de5 nai3 zhi4 pin3 guo4 min3.
She is allergic to all dairy products.
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bu2 shi4 suo3 you3 de5 de2 guo2 ren2 dou1 xi3 huan1 chi1 zhu1 jiao3.
Not all German people like to eat pig's feet.
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Related Words:



1. place 2. that which 3. (a measure word for universities, buildings, houses)

Here: that which

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1. to have 2. to own 3. there is, there are 4. to be, to exist

Here: to be, to exist

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