Chinese Traditional: 許多
Chinese Simplified: 许多
Pinyin: xu3 duo1
Zhuyin: ㄒㄩˇ ㄉㄨㄛ
English Meaning: many, a lot of

Example Sentences:

zha4 dan4 sha1 hai4 le5 xu3 duo1 xian4 chang3 wu2 gu1 de5 pang2 guan1 zhe3.
The bomb killed many innocent bystanders at the scene.
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zhe4 ge5 ju4 xing1 chang4 guo4 xu3 duo1 kuai4 zhi4 ren2 kou3 de5 ge1 qu3.
This super star has sung many songs which won universal praise.
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xu3 duo1 ren2 xi3 huan1 zai4 zao3 shang4 yun4 dong4.
Many people enjoy doing exercise in the morning.
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xian4 zai4 tai2 nan2 shi4 reng2 you3 xu3 duo1 gu3 lao3 de5 jian4 zhu2.
There are still many ancient buildings in Tainan city.
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xu3 duo1 dong4 wu4 dou1 you3 kuai4 le4、bei1 shang1 deng3 ge4 zhong3 qing2 xu4.
Many animals have all sorts of emotions, such as happiness and sadness.
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xu3 duo1 ming2 liu2 men5 yong4 rou4 du2 gan3 jun4 rang4 zi4 ji3 kan4 qi3 lai2 geng4 mei3.
A lot of celebrities use Botox to help them look prettier.
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tai2 wan1 min2 jian1 chuan2 shuo1 zhong1 you3 xu3 duo1 bu4 tong2 de5 shen2 qi2.
There are many different gods in Taiwanese folklore.
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Related Words:


1. to allow, to permit 2. somewhat, perhaps 3. Xu (Chinese surname) 4. to promise 5. to praise

Here: somewhat, perhaps

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1. much, many, a lot 2. surplus, excess 3. more than, over 4. more, much more

Here: much, many, a lot

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