Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: chang2
Zhuyin: ㄔㄤˊ
English Meaning: 1. often, frequently 2. common, ordinary 3. Chang (Chinese surname) 4. always, ever
German Meaning: häufig

Example Sentences:

這個孩子常講髒話, 很沒有家教。
这个孩子常讲脏话, 很没有家教。
zhe4 ge5 hai2 zi5 chang2 jiang3 zang1 hua4, hen3 mei2 you3 jia1 jiao4.
This child often uses obscene language, he does not have a good family education.
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zai4 tai4 guo2 chang2 ke3 jian4 da4 xiang4 zai4 hai3 bian1 man4 bu4.
Elephants are often seen wandering at the beach in Thailand.
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wo3 chang2 jue2 de5 zi4 ji3 ben4 shou3 ben4 jiao3 de5.
I often feel like I'm clumsy.
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wo3 mei4 mei5 chang2 dei3 ba3 gong1 zuo4 dai4 hui2 jia1 zuo4.
Often my sister has to take her work home.
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wo3 bu4 chang2 zuo4 fei1 ji1, yin1 wei4 zuo4 huo3 che1 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi2.
I don't fly often, because it's cheaper by train.
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wo3 men5 jia1 chang2 ba3 qian2 wan3 de5 sheng4 cai4 na2 lai2 zhu3 tang1.
In our house, soup is often made from leftovers from the night before.
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tuo3 xie2 chang2 bei4 shi4 wei2 ruan3 ruo4 de5 biao3 xian4.
Compromise is often looked upon as weakness.
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