Chinese Traditional: 當仁不讓
Chinese Simplified: 当仁不让
Pinyin: dang1 ren2 bu2 rang4
Zhuyin: ㄉㄤ ㄖㄣˊ ㄅㄨˊ ㄖㄤˋ
English Meaning: to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others, to be unwilling to forego one's rightful gains

Related Words:



1. when, just at, during 2. to be, to serve as 3. to manage, to withstand 4. to take one's turn 5. ought, should 6. current

Here: to take one's turn

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1. benevolence 2. merciful, kindhearted 3. kernel

Here: benevolence

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1. to let 2. to permit 3. to let sb do sth, to have sb do sth, to make sb do sth 4. to yield

Here: to let

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