Chinese Traditional: 鄰居
Chinese Simplified: 邻居
Pinyin: lin2 ju1
Zhuyin: ㄌㄧㄣˊ ㄐㄩ
English Meaning: neighbour
German Meaning: Nachbar
Spanish Meaning: el vecino
Classifier: (ge5) or (wei4)

Example Sentences:

wo3 men5 de5 lin2 ju1 you3 si4 zhi1 gou3.
Our neighbour has 4 dogs.
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wo3 lin2 ju1 de5 xiao3 hai2 hen3 wan2 pi2.
My neighbour's child is very naughty.
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我覺得鄰居的狗精神有問題 - 牠總是吠個不停!
我觉得邻居的狗精神有问题 - 牠总是吠个不停!
wo3 jue2 de5 lin2 ju1 de5 gou3 jing1 shen2 you3 wen4 ti2- ta1 zong3 shi4 fei4 ge5 bu4 ting2!
I think the neighbours' dog has mental health issues - he is barking all the time!
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wo3 mei3 tian1 zao3 shang4 dou1 bei4 lin2 ju1 de5 ge1 sheng1 chao3 xing3.
Every morning my neighbour wakes me up with his singing voice!
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lin2 ju1 men5 hen3 chao3 nao4.
The neighbours are noisy.
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wo3 de5 lin2 ju1 zai4 you2 qi1 li2 ba1.
My neighbour is painting the fence.
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zuo2 wan3 wo3 gen1 wo3 de5 lin2 ju1 chao3 le5 yi1 jia4.
I had a row with my neighbour last night.
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Related Words:



1. adjacent, next to 2. neighbour

Here: neighbour

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1. to reside 2. residence, house 3. to stay put, to be at a standstill 4. (archaic) sentence-final particle expressing a doubting attitude

Here: residence, house

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